Pure in Heart Endorsements (2019)


“Pure in Heart America has been known and effective in the Archdiocese of Boston for more than ten years. However, their mission has only begun. This organization proclaims the universal virtue of chastity effectively and upholds the dignity of the human person with great passion. The fruits of their mission can be seen in their evangelization work across New England and by the many vocations that have been fostered in their communities. These young people have inspired me as a priest and bishop to deepen my own relationship with the Lord Jesus; I’m certain they will do the same for you.”

—Bishop Robert Reed, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston

“Our young Americans need to learn about what real love is. Love is not primarily about an intense feeling. Love and truth go together. Love and responsibility go together. Based on my interaction with the members of the Pure in Heart, I can say that this group is dedicated to bring "tough love" to our secularized relativistic culture. The work of Pure in Heart is much needed in our society, and I am very grateful for their work.”

Fr. Christopher Bae, St. Columbkille Parish (Brighton, MA)

“Pure in Heart members came to help with our confirmation program and to speak at our youth Pro-Life events. They witnessed to the beauty of love and the dignity of life with prayerful conviction and joy. Our youth were engaged during the talk, inspired to concretely support the Gospel of Life, and left encouraged to live more fully for Christ and practice their Catholic faith.”

—Fr. Michael Zimmerman, St. Agnes and St. Camillus Parish (Arlington, MA)

“Wonderful program today! We were just talking about how wonderful it is to have faithful young adults willing to reach out to the kids that need this message most! Feeling blessed and basking in the love of a God that cares for the details of our lives! Can’t thank you all enough!”

Karen Brouillette, Director of Confirmation at Sacred Heart/St. Patrick (New Ipswich and Greenville, NH)

“Dear Pure in Heart, Thank you so much for coming to my confirmation retreat! Your talks were heartwarming and inspiring. If I could’ve, I would’ve joined Pure in Heart without hesitation, and hopefully when I’m 18 I will! I’ve never been on a retreat before, I am so glad yours was the first one. Thank you for sharing your message.”

—Maria, Youth Retreatant

“Being at Pure in Heart was such a beautiful experience… it was instrumental in my healing process and getting my life back on track. From Pure in Heart… my life has completely changed. I would say my life has been saved from Pure in Heart and from the beautiful friendships. For the first time in my life I can say I have true friends. Within the past two years in my life I have become more close to people I’ve known in two years than I have for 30. And it was all through what they teach, the friendships it allows us to build, the commitment and the leadership. Lives are being touched, lives are being changed — and this is going to have a great effect. Keep up the great work!”

Billy, Young Adult Member

“The idea of helping others and ourselves in our search for God and living out purity in our daily lives was and is something radically different than what I had ever experienced in high school or college.  Pure in Heart has helped me as a single woman in a society that values swiping right and hooking up.”

Mariana, Young Adult Member

“In a world that tells us life is about the pursuit of happiness, Pure in Heart reassured me in my Catholic upbringing that as a woman of God, my pursuit of holiness comes before anything else. Sometimes it takes great courage to walk away from friendships and relationships that don’t bring us closer to the best version of ourselves and ultimately closer to Christ. Finding a community where everyone is striving to live a pure life and see others in God’s image was a gamechanger for me and since joining this community , I’ve never looked back.”

Anne, Young Adult Member

“Pure in Heart was for me an answer to a prayer for a truly Catholic community, and ended up becoming so much more. It became a place of healing and self-discovery, the beginnings of profound friendships and community, and a gateway to living life and living it abundantly. The mission of Pure in Heart, and its focus on chastity and the sanctity of life, allows for the true flourishing of the human spirit, and has therefore made tremendous strides in its great contributions to the vitality of its members—and all of the local and national youth and confirmation groups it ministers to.”

John, Young Adult Member