Q: Who Gives the talks?

A: Young adults in the Pure in Heart America community who discern a calling to the mission team are trained in our presentations as well as public speaking skills. Mission team members come from diverse backgrounds and range from college students to young professionals.

Q: What approach do you take towards sexuality?

A: We present sexuality as a beautiful gift from God meant to bond husband and wife in a life-long marriage. We reference compelling scientific evidence that chastity is the healthiest sexual choice for young people. The mission team provides practical advice while witnessing to the joy and freedom that a chaste lifestyle brings.

Q: Do you cover pornography, masturbation, contraception or homosexuality?

A: Yes; after explaining God’s plan for marriage and sexuality to be free, total, faithful, and fruitful, we explain how pornography, masturbation, contraception and homosexuality are contrary to these principles.

Q: What do you (the Parish) need to provide?

A: You will need to provide a room set up with a table, projector screen, extension cord, and the audience. In addition, please see the  Mission Team Request Form.

Q: What will Pure in Heart America provide?

A: The mission team will come 30-35 minutes early to set up a PIHA laptop and projector. The team will deliver the talk and provide Q&A.

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