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Pure in Heart provides mission speaker teams, comprised of one male and one female mission speaker, for all of their talks. The dynamism of the team and their interaction with the audience provides a living example of male-female relations. At the request of the organizer, the audience can be split into male and female groups for part or all of the talk and the mission speaker team would split likewise to present to their own gender.

Our mission teams can be made available to speak during the day or in the evening. Please review the talk topics and complete the speaker request form below. We will thereafter contact you to confirm our visit.

Talk Descriptions



What is Love? Love vs. Lust.
Theology of the Body, Purity of heart
Abstinence, Chastity, Celibacy
Genesis, chapters 1-2
Free, Total, Faithful, Fruitful
Babies, Neuro-chemical bonding
Sexually-Transmitted Infections
Adultery, Cohabitation, Pornography
Modesty, Natural Family Planning
Reconciliation, Practical Advice

Respect Life

What is Life? Stages of Growth
Fetal Development, First Heartbeat
Conception, Chromosomes, DNA
Pictures at Weeks 4, 10, 12, and 24
Fetal Surgery
Motherhood, Fatherhood
Roe v. Wade, Abortion laws
Project Rachel
Stem Cell Research (Embryonic, Adult)
Assisted Suicide

Faith & Media

What is Media? Gift or Threat?
How Media affects oneโ€™s personality
Faith & Media – New era of dialogue
Theology of the Body
Media consumption, Virtue, Fasting
Texting, Social Media, Video games
Seven Media Keys
Movies, Television, Music
Pornography, Violence
Holy Communion, Eternal Life

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