Pure in Heart is unique in that we concentrate on the formation of our speakers. PIHA young adults are formed though weekly prayer meetings consisting of Mass, Adoration, Rosary, and discussion. Certain prayer group members are carefully selected for Mission Teams and trained on the PIHA presentations and public speaking skills.

PIHA provides a young and modern witness to the virtue of chastity and sanctity of human life. The well-grounded community ensures this witness is authentic and founded in Truth. Those who are called to evangelize via the mission teams educate, inspire and empower youth to live the virtue of chastity and defend the sanctity of human life. The spirit of the missions and energy of the youth in turn bring joy and fervor back to the young adult communities.


Chastity (1.5 hours in length)

Theology of the Body
Love vs. Lust
Free, Total, Faithful, Fruitful
Science of Sexual Bonding
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Practical Advice

Respect Life (1 hour in length)

Value of Human Life
Beginning of Life
Fetal Development
Gift of Parenthood
Testimonies for Life

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