Prayer Meetings

Prayer meetings are the foundation of Pure in Heart. It is through prayer and liturgy that we strengthen our relationship with Christ and gain the graces we need to live pure, holy lives. It is through the community and fellowship that we gain the support and environment we need to make the right choices in our lives. It is through guided discussion and study of Church teachings we form ourselves in our Faith, both to better incorporate it into our own lives, and to better share the beauty of the Truth with others. See the Prayer Meeting Format and Pure in Heart Prayers.


Our Vigils are monthly “all-night” gatherings with adoration, mass, meditation, music and activities. They are essential to grounding, challenging, and bonding PIH members and provide a combination of spiritual and social time. We believe that a healthy spiritual life must contain prayer, fasting, fun and friendship. Vigils are mini-retreats providing opportunity for all elements to be integrated.


Fun and Friendship are essential to a Christian life of virtue. We are meant to live as a joyful body of Christ. Socials unite the members of PIHA and provide the friendship and encouragement to clothe ourselves with Christ and live holy, pure lives. They allow young adults to have a good time without the risk of bad influences.

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