Pure in Heart America, Inc. is a Catholic non-profit composed of young adults ages 18-35. PIHA educates, inspires and empowers youth and young adults around the world to faithfully discern and live their vocations. We are a prayer community that participates in local to international evangelization. Pure in Heart, founded in Ireland, was introduced to Boston area young adults during a mission trip to Milot, Haiti. These young adults saw the need to for youth-to-youth chastity education and Pure in Heart presented an opportunity to do so. They gathered a group of young adults to found Pure in Heart America (PIHA). There are currently Pure in Heart communities in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Haiti, and the United States. Prayer Meetings We hold weekly prayer meetings, where we participate in Mass, Adoration, Confession, and pray the Rosary. We then have a discussion on an element of the Catholic faith that is relevant to our mission and our lives. Vigils Vigils are run monthly on a Friday or Saturday from 8pm-2am. We have Mass, Holy Hours, 15 decade Rosary, discussions and fellowship. We also participate in various service projects. Socials We gather for social events to have fun without the pressure to compromise our morals. This strengthens our community and contributes to our formation. Mission Teams A few young adults discern a call to speak to youth about the joys and beauty of a chaste lifestyle and the sanctity of human life. They are then trained and placed on Mission Teams to speak to youth at local parishes.
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